Recycle your clothes, go green and raise money!


Were you aware that approximately 12 million plenty of textile waste is generated annually in The united states amounting to approximately 68 lbs of waste per household each year! There’s enough clothing waste to stretch end to finish and circle our planet over 100 times!

So, what can we do as individuals to help reduce this environmental impact? You!

Introducing GIVEMORECLOTHES! Your golden ticket to raising money by being enviromentally friendly and recycling old clothes you don’t ever wear.

Select a date for hosting a clothing drive fundraiser. GIVEMORECLOTHES will give you customized marketing material to market your event. Including fliers, banners, and internet based promotion. On the day with the fundraiser most! We help you collect all of the bags, then we weigh them, tally up the clothes collected and give your business a check! It’s that easy! We even offer prizes towards the group or individual that produces probably the most clothes. Such a deal, right!

Following your clothes are collected, some items upon request go straight to needy families locally.Many go to secondhand clothing stores both domestically and internationally. The remainder we recycle and make use of in such things as insulation, upholstery, sound

The GIVEMORE clothes recycling project is ideal for many different organizations. Throughout the USA local clubs/youth/religious/shelters/ organizations are continually searching for fundraisers to generate much needs funds to enhance facilities and purchase equipment.
GIVEMORE can help!

From the bags we stock to earning the fast pick ups, is totally free! We can decide to hold the bags sent to and picked up through the location convenient for you, as an example: your property address or clubhouse.

GIVEMORE can pay an astonishing 5cents per pound to your clean top quality clothing including items specified by our listing of acceptable stuff. The more bags you fill, the harder money you will raise!

Once you’ve registered around, we will contact you to go over your requirements for bags, promotional materials and collections dates… as we cant reach you-we will be sending you an email to understand your registration.

Whenever a collection date and time continues to be booked, the promotional materials will be shipped to you, totally free!

This means you have enough to distribute and promote your collection. A courtesy call will be designed a few days just before your collection to make sure things are still suitable for the arranged date and time. This is to ensure that you have at least 50 filled with textiles ready for the collection´┐Ż

On the day of your collection, Givemore will arrive at the designated collection address. Our Givemore truck will collect the baggage, weigh it our facility and provide your business a cheque.The amount of money you raise out of your collection will probably be emailed for you within seven days.